PrecisionBI: Your Single Source of Truth

Healthcare organizations are inundated with data, and analyzing it for actionable insight has grown increasingly complex. Finding the best tools and resources can be difficult, and the consequences of implementing the wrong analytics package can be dire.

Analyze Key Metrics

PrecisionBI dashboards are more than just visualizations. They are the starting point for analyzing and reporting on key metrics from many data sources to optimize understanding and performance across your entire organization.

Analytics and Actionable Insights

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are relying on healthcare analytics to help solve their toughest challenges. You can’t make the right decisions without the right tools. But do you really know the difference between visualization tools and an analytics and actionable insights tool?


COVID-19 Dashboards

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PrecisionBI has developed the COVID-19 Stats solution to help your organization navigate the important and actionable data from your practice management system. Utilizing the latest ICD-10 and CPT coding relative to services being provided along with visit and financial data, our goal is to do the heavy lifting so your organization can focus on customer care.

Five Factors to Figure Into Your Analytics Solution Search

Healthcare organizations are being flooded with staggering amounts of data. Combine that with shifting regulations, escalating payment hurdles and limited operational resources and it’s become nearly impossible to function without the benefit of a proven analytics solution.

Using Analytics to Effectively Manage Clinical and Financial Operations

A data analysis and reporting tool should work easily with any healthcare data source, especially Electronic Health Record and practice management systems. It should also offer healthcare providers flexibility to run ad hoc and tailored reports based on clinical and financial metrics to meet reporting and reimbursement needs.

Case Studies

Client Spotlight: EVMS Medical Group

Many clients use PrecisionBI (PBI) for revenue cycle analysis. However, EVMS Medical Group’s focus for PBI centers around managing and improving patient health with clinical data. This includes pre-visit preparation, coding/ documentation consulting, clinical task management, and patient education.

Using Allscripts Enterprise Analytics to Improve Patient Quality Scores

HealthEast Care System sought to increase – and exceed – quality performance benchmarks. Through customized physician reports detailing individual patients’ status and proactive follow-up, they achieved demonstrated success through improved preventive care and excellent quality outcomes.

Clinical Intelligence and Custom Reporting Saves Medical Foundation Time and Money

In an effort to streamline their productivity and achieve cross-application reporting, Sansum Clinic, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, began implementing the business and clinical intelligence (BI/CI) design tools of Meridian Medical Management’s data analytics product, PrecisionBI.

PrecisionBI offers CT Hospital ability to interact with its data

Ultimately, it was the implementation of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Business Informatics, based on the PrecisionBI solution, that finally helped satisfy the true needs of this 215-bed hospital.

Clinical and Business Intelligence Tools Bring Quality Reporting to Physician Group

EVMS Medical Group, Norfolk, VA, purchased Analytics™ in order to advance their quality and performance.

Transforming Clinical Performance and Achieving PCMH Certification through PrecisionBI

WESTMED Medical Group is continuously focused on quality improvement.

Data Sheets

Welcome to a Whole New Level of Integrated CPS Reporting

The PrecisionBI (PBI) Solution Set for GE Centricity™ Practice Solutions (CPS) PM and EMR is offered exclusively by PBI and provides a whole new level of integrated financial and clinical reporting for CPS clients.

Smartly Aligning all your Quality Initiative Reporting

PrecisionBI provides a unifying platform agnostic to your members' PM and EMR system selections.

Actionable Information Driven by Superior Analytics and Reporting

Successfully operating in today’s complex healthcare environment relies on accessing financial, quality and clinical data critical to increasing productivity and quality of care.

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Training: Business Intelligence and Analytics

The PrecisionBI training department offers group Web training sessions to support users with various aspects of the PrecisionBI software. Some introductory sessions are dedicated to assisting entry-level users, while the advanced topics may be of interest to the more experienced user or administrator. In addition, we offer a variety of complimentary training sessions to help all users take advantage of new product features.

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